Types of Kitchen Executed

  • We provide end to end solutions to set up Mid day Meal Kitchens ranging from 5000 to 1.0 lac children
  • 2 floor level gravity /mezzanine based kitchen concept is preferred for an efficient kitchen
  • Utmost care is taken to plan hygiene kitchens
  • Application of lift/hoist are planned to reduce material handling efforts
  • We have designed unique and special purpose cookers ranging from 300 liters to 3000 liters capacity.
  • We apply the concept of Gravity Flow Technique, to save energy, space & man power.
  • The cooked food is transferred to hoppers / tanks fed into the food containers, through gravity flow. The hot food containers are made to moved through SS conveyors, reducing man power and also handling efforts.
  • To make oil seasoning procedure easy, we have designed shallow fryers (LPG burner operated) attached to the required cookers, so that the recipe is completed safely at a single point.